Hey guys,

First off, I wanted to say thank you - its amazing to see the music spreading across the world and impacting so many ppl. I always feel bad that international fans get left out, especially when it comes to touring... I want to come meet you guys and travel the world playing my music for all of you.

I was talking to my agent recently about playing some international shows, and I'm going to make this a priority for late 2021. BUT THAT BEING SAID..

The key to playing shows in international countries is building our fanbase. The only way to come play shows in your country is if there's enough people there ready to RAGE. So I have a task for you.. we need to grow our family in your country. Tell your friends... tell your brother.. spread the music like a virus.

YOU are part of our team.. our family. I'm putting you in charge. You guys are here early and I can't wait to see our movement grow to insane proportions. I have SO much music coming out this year... its all going to start soon. 

As a little thank you for your hard work and support, here's a 10% off code for the site. Makes me so annoyed they charge you guys so much for shipping. 

Code: take10

Love you, - mike